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SPRELA brochure

SPRELA Worktops Delivery Program



technical data sheets

technical data sheet "Worktops"

technical data sheet "window sill"

technical data sheet "Installation Instructions for SprelaCart® window sills"

technical data sheet "Type MTS"

technical data sheet "Profile – Overview"

technical data sheet "SprelaCart® thin laminate for vertical applications"

technical data sheet "Type HGP"

technical data sheet "Type VGP"

technical data sheet "Type "Composite Panels Section 002"

technical data sheet "Type BTS-coloured"





EC-Type Examination

ICDLI Environmental Product Declaration


Certificat antibacterial

Certificat ISO 50001:2011

M1 Certification worktops & windowsills

General building approval (B1)

Statement of Compliance

ICDLI HPL Compact ISO 14025 / EN 15804

ICDLI HPL Thin ISO 14025 / EN 15804

inspection report QA-2018-2000 / 0,80 CPL

CW_MED_743_2018_certyfikat moduł B

CW_MED_763_2018_certyfikat moduł D



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