Construction of a photovoltaic system for self-supply on the premises of SPRELA GmbH with the help of funds from the European Regional Development Fund (ERDF) of the European Union.

SPRELA GmbH in Spremberg has decided in accordance with its sustainability strategy and future orientation towards CO2-neutral self-sufficiency with electrical energy. For the economic implementation of the strategy, a photovoltaic park with 1.2MWp will be built with the help of EU subsidies. This is used for the exclusive self-sufficiency of the company in order to supply the production facilities and administration with electricity from renewable energy sources. According to local space conditions, the PV system is planned on a "north field" and a "south field" on an open ground. For this purpose, old warehouses had to be demolished to create the necessary space.

The aim and result of the system is to save Co2 in order to meet our sustainability strategy (CO2-neutral production by 2025) and external customer requirements for sustainable production.
Furthermore, the purchase from the public power grid is to be reduced and the security of supply with electrical energy is to be secured. The system produce up to 366,572 kWh of electricity per year and thus save approx. 97t of CO2 (according to the energy mix footprint of the electricity supplier 0.265 kg/kWh), which would have been obtained from the public electricity grid.

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